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Our 'Friendship' bracelets are to be worn between friends to symbolize the love that you hold for each other. People will come and go in your life but friends are the people who will stay by your side through the good and the bad. Wear these bracelets with your friends in mind to remind yourself of their importance and significance within your life.

You will receive 2 bracelets (1 white & 1 brown), one for you and one for that special person. (You only need to order 1 set if you want to receive 2 bracelets.) You will also receive a card explaining the meaning of these bracelets.

Sizes; Small (7 inches / 18cm) fits most females (18cm). Medium (7.5 inches / 19cm) fits most males.

Material; White howlite beads & matte brown agate beads.

Go to our FAQs page for details regarding shipment, delivery and how to take care of your bracelet. We ship worldwide to all countries!

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