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Our 'Relationship Bracelets' were created to allow people to showcase their love for their partner with a simple, meaningful gift. Wear these bracelets as a reminder of the bond you have created with your significant other and to let them know that you have a piece of them with you no matter where you are. Let these symbolic bracelets bring positivity and love to your relationship. The perfect gift for couples!

You will receive 2 bracelets (1 black & 1 white), one for you and one for that special person. (You only need to order 1 set if you want to receive 2 bracelets.) You will also receive a card explaining the meaning of these bracelets!

Sizes; Small (7 inches / 18cm) fits most females (18cm). Medium (7.5 inches / 19cm) fits most males.
Material; White fossil beads & matte black agate beads.

Go to our FAQs page for details regarding shipment, delivery and how to take care of your bracelet. We ship worldwide to all countries!

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